La foto de la semana. Tempus fugit

En un bonito blog de labores frances, Tempus Fugit, encontré estas escenas que me parecieron ideales y aqui os las dejo.

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  1. It is so frustrating, but my translator does not work most of the time!

    Am I right in understanding that you found this lovely photo (photo of the week?) on a French Blog names Time Flies ?(Tempus Fugit?)

    It is beautiful with so many pretty details!

  2. Lize,

    You're right the post is called "photo of the week" and I found it in a French blog called "Tempus Fugit". It is good to hear that you like it :-)


  3. Es preciosa gracias por enseñarnosla. Besitos

  4. Lovely photos and I'll check out the blog too. Just found your site and your work is great. I especially like the crochet rugs, my elderly aunt had one like that, enormous, I think my neice has it now. Also love your covered boxes, the second one especially.